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Besides your home, your asphalt is the most valuable asset that most people have. Which is why it needs to be taken care of and sealed every 2-3 years. Seal coating gives your asphalt that deep rich black color and protects it from sun damage, oil and fuel leaks, as well as other damaging elements. Having your asphalt sealed can triple the life of your asphalt which will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. We use only the highest quality Seal Master asphalt sealant and put it down according to factory recommendations.


Cracks in your asphalt allows water to seep down under and form pockets, which then dry and cause the asphalt to start to break apart on the surface. We use a high quality, hot or cold application crack fillers which seals your cracks and keeps your asphalt and the ground underneath solid. This can save you from costly repairs in the future.


The keys to a great lasting asphalt driveway include a solid foundation, proper drainage, appropriate materials, good construction practices and timely maintenance. Whether you need to replace an old driveway or putting in a new one, you can count on MoSEAL to follow these principles to insure you get the most out of your asphalt.


Having your asphalt clean and clear of all debris is one of the most important factors to laying a quality seal coat. If there is mud caked and weeds growing up through out your asphalt, we can work with that. We will blow off all dirt, gravel and debris as well as cut and kill all weeds to make sure your lot is prep'd and ready for a quality seal coat.


Damage to asphalt can get pretty rough, especially in your vehicle when your asphalt starts to deteriorate causing pot holes. Luckily we have your solution. We can repair your pot holes and compact the material smooth to the surface to ensure your asphalt is smooth and comfortable for you and your family.


When an asphalt pavement surface deteriorates to the point of needing repair, an asphalt overlay is an effective solution. An overlay consists of approximately 2 inches of new asphalt applied over an existing asphalt surface.


Gator cracking occurs in asphalt when it is not properly maintained and water is allowed to get under the surface. This then creates a pocket of air under the asphalt which allows the asphalt to move and break apart. We use a gator patching mixture that allows the asphalt to bind together and block out moisture that could cause further damage, helping you get the most out of your asphalt.


When winter weather hits, nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in your residence. Getting out in the cold winter weather with nothing but a shovel can be dreading! Let us get out and do the work for you. Our team services residential and commercial properties. 

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